Tatsuhiko Miyagawa has published WWW::Shorten::RevCanonical, rev=canonical URL shortening as a Perl module. Neat!

use WWW::Shorten 'RevCanonical';

my $short_url = makeashorterlink($long_url); # Note that this could fail and return undef

# Or, use WWW::Shorten::Simple wrapper
use WWW::Shorten::Simple;

my @shorteners = (
WWW::Shorten::Simple->new('RevCanonical'), # Try this first
WWW::Shorten::Simple->new('TinyURL'), # Then fallback to TinyURL

my $short_url;
for my $shortener (@shorteners) {
$short_url = $shortener->shorten($long_url)
and last;

rev=canonical bookmarklet and designing shorter URLs

Simon Willison has an awesome post up talking about his rev=canonical bookmarklet, and designing shorter URLs by casting unique IDs to base 62 (We’re using the same trick on flic.kr to avoid having to maintain a look up database, though we’re using base 58). He details designing his new short URLs, deploying them on Django, and built a handly bookmarklet.

The nice thing about this approach is that it makes it trivial to add custom URL shortening domains to other projects—a quick view function and a few lines of nginx configuration are all that is needed.

Bookmarklet: Shorten (drag to your browser toolbar)

Chris Shiflett: Save the Internet with rev=”canonical”

Chris Shiflett has a great blog post up explaining rev=”canonical” in a bit more depth, good read, especially if you’re confused:

The premise is pretty simple. In order to avoid the great linkrot apocalypse, we can opt to specify short URLs for our own pages, so that compliant services (adoption is still low, because the idea is pretty fresh) will use our short URLs instead of TinyURL.com (or some other third-party alternative) replacements. – Chris Shiflett

PHP.net docs now safely shortenable.

I refer to the PHP docs a dozen times a day, and I always use the magical short form of the URLs. So this makes me doubly happy.

rev=canonical added to php.net doc pages and the slowgeek run pages – see http://revcanonical.appspot… – go add it to your site now. – @rasmus

Ars Articles Access Are Abbreviated

Or rather:

All new articles posted at Ars are #short_url compliant – @ArsVigiles

Which RevCanonical supports. (any link rel including the string “alternate short*”) Check it out.

rev=”canonical” in WordPress

Stephen Paul Weber has coded up a rev=”canonical” WordPress plugin .

update: and so has Steve Winton

and whomwah has another

Dopplr adds rev=canonical support

dopplr has its own dplr.it shortener, so we’re following the conversation. check it out, rev=”canonical” fans: http://bit.ly/ISeK@mattb