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TinyFinder: A Jetpack Widget

Scott Robbin has released TinyFinder, a rev=canonical JetPack Widget:

This weekend, I started to play around with Jetpack from Mozilla Labs. […] The widget that I created–TinyFinder–looks for rev=canonical links in a webpage, and displays them in the statusbar of the browser window. Rev=canonical links are meta tags that are used when a website wants to suggest a preferred tiny url to use. […] Several services are starting to employ their own custom tiny urls: Dopplr, Threadless, Songza, and many more. – Scott Robin docs now safely shortenable.

I refer to the PHP docs a dozen times a day, and I always use the magical short form of the URLs. So this makes me doubly happy.

rev=canonical added to doc pages and the slowgeek run pages – see http://revcanonical.appspot… – go add it to your site now. – @rasmus

Ars Articles Access Are Abbreviated

Or rather:

All new articles posted at Ars are #short_url compliant – @ArsVigiles

Which RevCanonical supports. (any link rel including the string “alternate short*”) Check it out.

rev=”canonical” in WordPress

Stephen Paul Weber has coded up a rev=”canonical” WordPress plugin .

update: and so has Steve Winton

and whomwah has another

Dopplr adds rev=canonical support

dopplr has its own shortener, so we’re following the conversation. check it out, rev=”canonical” fans:

The RevCanonical service is a quick (30 minute hack) to search referenced resources for:

  • <link rev=”canonical” href=”…”> (i.e. “I am the canonical URL of that page over there”)
  • <link rel=”alternate shorter” href=”…”> (or truth be told any link rel including the string “alternate short*”)

And will return a short (or at least reverse canonicalized) URL if found, otherwise it will return the original URL.