docs now safely shortenable.

I refer to the PHP docs a dozen times a day, and I always use the magical short form of the URLs. So this makes me doubly happy.

rev=canonical added to doc pages and the slowgeek run pages – see http://revcanonical.appspot… – go add it to your site now. – @rasmus

6 responses to “ docs now safely shortenable.

  1. I looked at and it took the canonical from and in the next line declared as canonical. This is really strange.

  2. Bernhard, I’d file a bug with Rasmus

  3. It’s not really a PHP bug but rather silly semantics of rev=”canonical” and the fact that there is already rel=”canonical” with another meaning. They could also list all the mirror pages as rev=”canonical”. Would make sense. But how could one define a short URL on a mirror page? You can’t.
    I’d rather use something with rel=”…”

  4. Bernhard: We have both rev=canonical and rel=canonical implemented.
    rel=canonical is intended for the search engines, we have over 100 mirrors which are currently indexed separately by all the major search engines, which is really bad. When you seach for “strpos” for example, you will get get exact same page, just on 20 different mirrors using 4 different shorturls.
    Using rel=canonical we tell the search engines that all of these pages are the same, and the preferred location of it is

    With rev=canonical however we suggest the user to use the shortcuts we have implemented.
    For instance, you can access all functions by going to This has been implemented for years, but we had no way of telling the user about these shortcuts automatically.

    We would prefer not to list the mirrors in rev=canonical as the user you are pasting the link to may be in a different country, meaning the mirror you are on (and linking to) will be “much slower” then the one nearest to me.

    When you hit we automatically redirect you to the mirrors nearest you, and if you send out accept-language headers we present the page in your preferred language (if it exists).

  5. Heh. Crazy markup stripper.

    The preferred url for search engines is

    Users can access all function by going to

  6. Thanks, I know what you want to achieve. But it’s strange to have the same link on a web page twice once pointing to another web page and once pointing from another web page to the current page. This is why I’d rather use rel=”shortlink”. Read more about this here:

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